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Additional Menu

Besides the three meals that we provide at our academy we also offer additional dishes. However, these additional dishes are not included in the tuition fee. If you wish to place an order for one or more of these dishes you must order them ahead of time (if you want to eat it during dinner you must place an order during lunchtime). The prices are listed next to the dishes on the menu provided below.


Check Out Matias During Summer Training

Basic Strength Training Anywhere

Matias even opened his own martial arts school after finishing three years at the academy. Watch his promo below.

2019 Holiday Performance

Former Shaolin Student Recorded Every Day In China Follow Her @warriorfairy

A Day in the Life : Shaolin Training Vlog

Training Insight

Good Morning. Time to Sweat.
Shaolin Tumbling Practice! Every Week!
Sanda AKA Chinese KIckboxing
One of the first Shaolin forms to learn
This Castle is located right next door to the Academy! Students have full access!

Former Student, Artes Marciales Lago Puelo, Demonstrating Daily Training

He is a 4th Dan Karate Sensei – Instructor of Qi Gong – Tai Chi Chuan – Baji Chuan – Mu Ren Chuan You Can Follow him on Facebook for more videos from the academy

Practicing Wing Chun

Sandbag Workout

How to Strengthen Hands

Seiken Training


Baji Form

Baji Chuan Performance

Baji Form

Wing Chun Training