Our Masters

Head Master

Baji, Wing Chun

Li Shun Xiao

Born in May 19, 1952. In 1960 he began his lifelong journey of martial arts. He has practiced Shaolin Boxing, Bajiquan, and Wing Chun for more than 60 years. He has won national martial arts competitions, various trophies and medals in provincial and urban martial arts competitions. He has over 30 awards and has been teaching at the academy since 2005.


Zhang Jianlin Han

Zhang Jianlin Han was born on November 26, 1986. From September, 1998 to March, 2000 he attended the East China Martial Arts School located in Fuyang City, Anhui Province, China. For the next 5 years in Dengfeng City, Henan Province, Master Zhang served as the captain for the Xi Wu Shaolin Martial Arts School’s performance team. His performance team specialized in wrapping knife, staff, sword and many other weapons. In 2001 he performed a bo-staff form at the Dengfeng City Class A competition and came in third place. The following year he came in second place under the self-selected boxing criteria. In 2003 he competed at the Zhejiang Hengdian Tournament and came in first place. The same year he participated in the opening ceremony of the world martial arts festival. The following year in Dengfeng city he was invited again to perform in the opening ceremony of the world wushu festival. On May of 2005 Master Zhang started teaching at the Siping Shaolin Martial Arts Academy. In 2015 he started his career in the domestic film and television industry as a stuntman. 


Chang Qun Song

At the age of 21 he is the youngest teacher at the academy. He began studying martial arts in 2008. He won second place in the second China-Korea martial arts competition in 2009. He won first place in the Changchun Junior Martial Arts Competition in 2010 and first place in the Beijing International Wushu Competition in 2012. In 2014, he won first place in the 4th Wushu Competition of China and South Korea. He has been teaching shaolin kungfu at the academy since 2014. 


Cui Qi Liang

He graduated from Shenzhen Honghai Fighting Professional Club. In 2012 he won the 65kg weight class in the Henan Classic Sanda competition and the 67kg weight class Sanda Championship in Shenzhen Honghai Boxing Championship in 2014. He then went on to win the 67kg weight class Sanda Belt in the Road competiton in 2016. He won the same competition again in 2017. He has been teaching at the academy for only a few months and is a great asset to the school.