• Spring training in hard

    We have new web site today. The old one we used for 23 years. but this not enfect our training at all. We will join San Da and kung fu conpetition in June,. Everybody will come up to heavy training !

  • Shoot a film

    Beijing madia LTD will shoot a film in academy areas. There are more than 100 actors and workers join in this film.They will live in our academy for about two weeks.  The film name "Dong Ge Story" 

  • Yu Chu Han gained San da Championship

    December 12, 2016 Jilin Province Free sparring Championship, Our students Yu Chu Hang gained 56KG Golden plate championship. We have other three students gained cupper plate. Congratulations !

  • Merry Christmas !

    We will have very wonderful Christmas EVE and Christmas day in our academy. Students including domestic students will have game and show your singing skills, dancing skills and other game to make fun and happy. Academy will provide the Christmas gift to the students.


    Merry Christmas !

  • Our Academy authorized Duan test point

    Our academy was authorized by China wu shu association to be "Duan" test point of Siping city areas in 2012. So our students have very good change and convenience to have “Duan” level degree certificate if you could past examination. It'svery benifit for us don't need go to Chang chun city handreds Kilos away to have examination.

  • Heating system working.

    The beautiful winter will be coming from November, So academy will be heated our room and two training halls when the temperature getting down in the end of month. Foreign students and domestic students better to wear warm clothes when you are in outside. Weather forecast said it will be less snow than last year. It's petty ! We can just share bright weather and sunshine.

  • New website

    We have updated our website with more photos of the school. See the school page at the top for some phenomenal views of the area around the academy.

  • Christmas EVE 2015

    Our academy have very perfect Christmas both chinese students and foreign students. Let's see bye bye 2015.

  • 2015 Baji Communication Competition Results

    This last weekend on August 29th, 5 of our students who study Baji Quan took the trip to Chang Chun so they may compete in the 2015 Baji Communication competition, which is a provincial level competition that draws several hundred competitors. Li Shifu, whom is our academies Baji master was confident that all of his students who competed would place in the top of their categories, he was right once again.

    In order to save time so the competition could be finished more quickly, age groups of competitors were bundled together. While competitors were still competing in their respective age groups, they were also competing against people from other groups as well to see who was the best representative in their chosen category.

    In the age group of 10 to 15, our Chinese students Li Hong Lin and Liu Ji ha competed in single fist form categories presenting the talou, Da Baji ( A form/kata from the Baji Style ). Liu Ji Ha placed first winning a gold medal and Li Hong Lin Placed second winning silver.

    In the mens group ranging from age 16 to 55, our foreign students Luke, Ossi and Thomas competed in the single fist form category as well. There was over 50 competitors in this category which gave this division much depth. In the end, Thomas placed first amongst all competitors, winning gold for his age division (31 to 35), Luke placed second amongst all competitors, winning gold for his age division (21 to 25) and Ossi Placed second in his age division after Luke, winning silver (21 to 25).

    In recognition of their skill, they were approached and congratulated by the president of the Jilin Wu Shu Association even before the rest of the mens group was done performing.

    Li Hong Lin and Liu Ji Ha also competed in the partner talou division as well, displaying Baji Duai da. They won gold in thier age group and outshone all other pairs regardless of their age group.

    We would like to congratulate them in thier accomplishments but also give credit to their master, Li Shifu. Their success would not be possible if it were not for his guidence and true skill.

    Congratulations to our students, continue to train hard and harvest great skill.