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A few images from photos sent to us of students from Argentina, Canada, Finland, and Britan, Shao lin teacher Shi Yong Ming, and an image of Mr. Che's certification from previous Fang Zhang of the Shaolin Temple, Shi De Qian.


Feedback from Kari Sunnela, (image above - right side) received 11-5-98

"Name: Kari Sunnela Age: 29 Nationality: Finish Attendance : two months and partner is my girlfriend (not trained)
1.How about your training and learning: Good______Bad______BEST __(+)__
2.How about food: Good_____Bad_____OK__(+)___.
3.How about shower: Good______Bad____OK__(+)___.
4.How about Mr Che wen long's service for the foreign students: Good -______Bad______OK__(+)___."



federico.jpgFederico Engelmann, age 20 is a student from Argentina who studied the martial arts for two years before going to China to learn from the Shao lin protection monks.  Federico is taking his shaolin routine quan examination in Siping city where the public is observing.  He not only passed the examination, but the Siping television news station aired it as well. Federico can cut one brick with his bare hand already, with 35 days of hard qi gong training.

Message from Federico Engelmann, received 11-5-98

"I've been here for about four months and a lot of things have happened since I arrived. At first, it was little bit difficult for me because when I got here I was the only foreigner. But after a while I got used to it and started to enjoy myself. I was very lucky because I had the chance to meet and train with a great shao lin monk (Shi De Yuan, 59 years old). I had the opportunity to enter a martial arts competition in Siping area, it was a nice experience for me. The apartment and the food are OK. Che wen long and his family treat me really nice and I thank them very much for that.

I just want to say thanks to the Shao lin monks, Che wen long, and his family and all chinese people I have met since I have been here."

Message from Ian Wyatt, received 11-5-98

Name Ian Wyatt
Age: 23
Attendance two months.

"I have really enjoyed training at Shao lin Martial Arts Academy.

I have found the teachers to possess exceptionly high skills in the martial arts and feel lucky to have studied under them.

The Academy has a warm and friendly atmosphere. The teaching style is very relaxing and the students can progress at their own speed and level. The accomodation and food were fine.

Mr Che wen long is a very friendly and kind person. He has made me feel very welcome and part of the family.

I would recommend the Academy to anyone, who has the intention to experience the chinese culture and learn first-hand Shao lin Kung fu."

Message from Greg Millar, Canadian, 34 years of age - received 05-22-02

"I would like to express my gratitude to the si fu, Che wen long, and the Academy for helping me to make my martial arts dream become reality. I have learned so much this year. I do not know where else it's possible to learn this amount from real shao lin and wu dang masters in one year. The si fu are genuine shao lin and wu dang lineage.

I would also like to thank the good people of Ye He town and si ping city for such fine hospitality. I have had a wonderful experience in China and will be happy to stay longer. It makes me happy to meet other people who have the courage to make their dream a reality"

Message from Kevin Kennedy, Irish, 32 years of age - received 10-23-07

I have been living at the academy now for 5 months and during that time I have gained a huge amount of understanding about Chinese WuShu and Chinese way of life. Studying under Lin SiFu, learning BaJi Quan has been an amazing experience as his level of knowledge about Martial arts is considerable. Training days are long and interesting and we cover all areas from cardio to BaJi form work to iron hand training. The people at the academy are always a great help and the administration tries to help as much as it can with our needs. The days are filled with training and conversation mostly about WuShu but as the academy attracts people from all over the world we get to learn a lot about other cultures .

Message from Steffen Eilertsen Norwegian - received October 23th 2007

I am very happy to be here in China to study chinese martial art gong fu. I've been here for 8 months now and am still very excited to be here. I find the chinese culture and language very interesting; thats why I study chinese (hanyu). I thank my gong fu shifu for teaching me the Northern style of Baji quan witch is a very interesting style and my body and mind have become a lot stronger and better. All in all chinese martial art is Great for body and health, and China is great in itself. "WO AI ZHONG GUO" (Chinese means I love China).

Message from William Stein, American, 53 years of age who trained
with his son, Brannan, age 17 - received 07-12-07

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how our stay at the academy went. The academy was exactly as we thought it would be based on what we learn on your website. Being there with my son was truly a great experience. Giving us the time together that is worth all the gold in the world. We worked hard all day every day which is why we went there. The students and staff were wonderful to be around. In addition we spent evenings learning the proper technique for meditating from Darrein, who I wish I could spend a much longer time studying under. No prior martial art training would have been necessary but having 13 years of Tae Kwon Do between us we can say that the instruction was the best we have ever had or seen. Lin Sifu is truly a master and a very nice person as well.

I am a busy business person from the United States in my real life. After being there for a few days I realize why I was starting to like it so much. It gave me a chance to work on my body and mind without any interference from employees, statements, customers, phone calls etc. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The only problem that I had was that I did not stay long enough. I would highly recomend the academy to busy business professionals who want to get in touch with their true self and unwind with some physical work.


The image below shows Che Wen Long, manager of the academy is a buddist disciple of the Shao lin temple and his Buddhism name is Shi Xing Kuo.  The information is sent to us in 1998 from the China shao lin temple International wushu institute on song shan mountain, where the president is Shi De Qian.

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