For any concerns or questions regarding training, visa, tuition fees and further more you may email the foreign administration and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

I am a beginner with no martial arts experience, will training be too challenging for me?

Everyone at the academy is at a different skill level. The masters here know how to train beginners and expect that you came to learn no matter what level you are currently at. Many of our students are beginners. Worry not! We welcome you.

I am older with little to no experience in martial arts, will the training be too challenging for me?

Shaolin is the most challenging of all the styles physically because it requires extreme flexibility as well as speed and strength but that should not deter you from choosing shaolin as your study. That being said we have Sanda, Baaghi, Wing Chun and Tai Chi. All of these styles can we practiced no matter what age you are.

What should I do to prepare physically before I arrive?

Know that you will be training 7.5 hours a day Monday through Friday here so think about taking a full month before to slowly change habits towards a more physically active lifestyle. Take more yoga classes, go to the gym more frequently etc.

Will I have a mix of different styles?

At our academy we believe focusing on one style at a time gives the art the respect it deserves. It also allows you to get stronger and more knowledgeable rather than being a jack of all trades, master of none. So you choose one style to study. *Qi gong can be attended by all students.* If you are unsure what to study you can take a few days to try out each study. Then make a final decison!

I want to get more flexible – more strength – more mindful – or overall more fit, what style should I choose as my focus? 

Shaolin will help you get more overall fitness including flexibility. Sanda focuses more on strength, power and cardio. Baaghi and Wing Chun is strength and power. Tai Chi will help you find your inner strength. 

How long should I stay to start to see progress in my style?

We recommend to stay no less than three months to truly gain the knowledge of your study. It depends on your personal goals but that is the general starting point. If you can only stay one month know that this will be an introduction into the world of traditional chinese martial arts.

How do I acquire weapons and equipment for class?

We sell all the weapons and equipment you will ever need for any style. We have a large selection in the academy. You will need to purchase your weapons at the school.

What are the essentials I need to bring? china shaolin kung fu

Toilet paper is not provided. Make sure to bring some for your first few days or stop in Yehe, the town located on the way to school, to pick some up. During the weekend you can go to Yehe to pick up anything you may need. Come with all toiletries, you can also pick more up at yehe. Also bring a personal first aid kit.

Can I use the internet in China?

You will be UNABLE to use the internet without a VPN (virtual private network) server. Make sure to get one BEFORE you come to China so you can access the internet. Many people use expressVPN or Nord. There are others, find the one that works best for your device.

Does the school have Wifi?

We do have WiFi. We are located on a mountain and sometimes the WiFi will go out. This is just apart of the life away from the city.

Who will pick me up from the airport or train station?

Once you have your flight booked and know the arrival date send an email to our foreign administrators at and we will orchestrate someone from the academy to pick you up from the airport or train station. 

How can I communicate with the locals?

Most people in China use WeChat. It is the Facebook of China. It is an app for your mobile device. Download this app in the App Store or Google Play Store.

What is the weather like?

We do have all four seasons here so prepare for the season you will be training in. In the north summers are hot and dry and the winters are freezing cold. We do get frequent bouts of rain coupled with the hot summers. 

Will I be provided with a uniform?

Yes, we do provide uniforms. We will get your sizes once you arrive and order it then. 

What clothing should I bring?

It depends on the season but remember you will be training. Clothing should be loose fitted so you have full range of movement. If you want to wear spandex sport leggings that is also okay. Keep in mind most forms will look best in loose loose fitted pants. 

What shoes should I bring?

Bring a pair of running shoes or workout shoes. We sell feiyue shoes, the official king fu shoes. We recommend purchasing these at the school so you can train with no restrictions. They are wonderful for training.

Feminine hygiene products, are they sold nearby?

China really only sells pads. Bring plenty of tampons for your stay if you prefer them. Also, we recommend investing in a Diva Cup, they save you money, save you packing space and are safer for your body!

What towns are located nearby?

Yehe is 15 KM down the mountain. It has most everything you will need. The city of Siping is farther away but if you want to go shopping at major malls, need to take out cash or go to the train station this is where you will go. In yehe the locals will quickly get to know you. There are also a few small villages walking distance nearby that are full of very lovely people!

What transportation is provided off school grounds?

On Friday there is a bus at noon that can take you to Yehe or Siping. On the weekends the bus arrives at 12:40. Taxi drivers will take you back to the school at both locations. Both cost money but the bus is very inexpensive. Once you arrive, we’ll provide you with a detailed bus schedule.

If I am staying longer than a month, how do I register as a resident?

During your first month with us you will have to register as a resident. We will drive you to the police station and assist in this process. Remind the administrators so we can set up a time to get this done.

Do I need to renew my visa while I am in China?

Yes. Every six months you will need to pay to renew your residency visa. A month before your visa expires let the administrators know so they can set up a time to create your new visa.

If I get sick or injured, where is the nearest hosital?

The nearest hospital is 25.4 KM away located in Siping. We will drive you immediately.

China, Jilin, Siping, Tiedong, Zhongyang E Rd, 北一马路

Should I purchase injury/life insurance?

We of course suggest that you have life insurance before your arrival here just in case. But this decision is up to you, if financial you cannot get insurance – train at your own risk and be smart during training sessions.

Should I bring injury prevention items?

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Bring anything you may need in a worst case scenario. First aid kit, joint braces, wraps, anti inflammatory medication and any other medication you may need.

What is the wildlife like?

There are snakes here in China especially during spring and summer. Many are in fact poisonous, do not touch them as a precaution. You leave them be and they will do the same. There are many birds as well. The insects are bountiful in the warmer months many of them you will have never seen before. In the winter we have a lot of lady bugs/lady birds. They can get into your room but worry not they are friendly. 

What airport/train station do I arrive at?

You will arrive at the Beijing International Airport. Once you’ve landed you have two ways to reach Siping. Option one is to book another flight to Changchun Airport and once you’ve landed a driver from our school will pick you up. The fee for pick up from Changchun Airport is 100 U.S dollars. Option two is to board either the bullet train or the slow train (we strongly recommend you take the bullet train) straight to Siping train station. The travel time on the train is approximately 6 hours by bullet train and close to 13 hours on the slow train. The fee for pick up from the Siping train station is free. We ask that you send us your arrival information (flight number, train number and arrival time/date) so that we can prepare for your arrival.